Board of Directors

photo of angie gillis - icce board chair

Angie Gillis

ICCE Chair

Jeannie Parnell, CMS

ICCE VIce Chair
photo of leona irons, execu

Leona Irons

ICCE Treasurer
photo of dustin ray thacker, ICCE director

Dustin Ray Thacker

ICCE Director
photo of icce director lisa tssessaze

Lisa Tssessaze

ICCE Director
photo of taylor zeeg, icce treasurer

Taylor Zeeg

ICCE Director
Message from ICCE Board Chair Leona Irons

Over this past year, I have had the pleasure of working with Mark Cliffe-Phillips, Angie Gillis, Tara Joly, and Taylor Zeeg, who have acted as Directors on an Interim Board for the Centre. They have steered ICCE through its incorporation as an independent Indigenous centre of expertise and were key in developing a longer-term vision and work plan, including planning the Inaugural Forum in Calgary (February 2020).

We are pleased to welcome Leea Litzgus as Executive Director for the Centre. She comes to ICCE with significant experience working with Indigenous communities and environmental issues. Under her leadership, we look forward to seeing the Centre evolve and grow into a thriving community of expertise and collaboration that will benefit Indigenous peoples now and in the future. 

Leona Irons is the Executive Director, National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association.

Message from ICCE Executive Director Leea Litzgus

Through the Centre, we have an extraordinary opportunity to share our knowledge and strengths to create the conditions for the wellbeing of future generations. Our Two-Eyed Seeing approach, which respects and balances both Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledge systems, will benefit the people and the life with which we share our lands for years to come.

We are deeply grateful for the generosity of the Interim Board in sharing their leadership, wisdom and experience to help the Centre grow to where we are today.

We are excited about the possibilities before us and look forward to working with Indigenous communities and partners on this important journey.

Leea Litzgus has a Masters Degree in Urban and Rural Planning and a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Science.