Understanding the Need

Indigenous communities across Canada express a need for a better understanding of cumulative effects. We want to know what strategies and approaches we can put in place today to manage the effects of development, and other cultural, social and health impacts on our lands and communities. In 2017, the federal government provides funding to help tackle those issues.


In 2018 the federal government helps put together a dedicated group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous practitioners to think about the governance and purpose of a future Indigenous centre of expertise on cumulative effects.



In November 2019, the Indigenous Centre for Cumulative Effects (ICCE) is incorporated and an Interim Board now leads the way forward, putting in place an independent centre of expertise.



In February 2020, the Indigenous Forum on Cumulative Effects takes place in Calgary on Blackfoot territory. This unique inaugural event brings together First Nations, Inuit and Métis Knowledge Holders, and practitioners to share information, best practices, lessons learned, teachings, and concerns about managing cumulative effects on our lands and communities.



In June 2020, we welcome Leea Litzgus as our first Executive Director. Under the Executive Director’s leadership, and with guidance from the Board, ICCE continues to evolve and grow into a unique and dedicated community of expertise and collaboration supporting Indigenous peoples now and into the future.